Adding and Updating Vaccines

It is important to have a record of all vaccinations and expiry dates so you can make sure that you do not have Pets with you that are unvaccinated.

Once entered you will be able to pull a report and also send out automatic reminders to the Owners through the Portal

Under Administration there is an area to preset the types of Vaccines that are required in your area.

To enter a Vaccine or to edit an existing on

  • Click on the Pet List and find the pet
  • Click on the Pet name
  • Click on the Add Vaccine Tab.(you can do flea treatments and worming treatments as well)
  • This will show you the current status (unless this is a new Pet)
  • To Edit an existing one, click on Edit against the vaccine you want to update OR Click on Add Vaccine 
  • Select the vaccine from the list
  • Enter in the date the vaccine was administered
  • Enter in the date the vaccine will expire
  • Click on Submit