Adding Pet Breeds

Under Administration, you will find Pet Breeds. This screen will be empty and you have the choice of adding your own manually or importing a "Jungle Chief default breed List.

Jungle Chief have imported a full Cat List and a full Dog list from trusted sources. These are not exhaustive and you can edit existing ones or add new ones of your own.

Please Note: Currently both Cat and Dog lists will import, later on this will be a choice.

We have also given you the option of importing your own list. i.e Rabbit breeds

In this article we will show you the following:

  • Importing a list
  • Adding a Breed manually
  • Editing an existing breed


Importing A List

  • Click on Import Details 
  • A pop up box will appears, asking if you are sure that you wish to import the default breed lists
  • Click on Import
  • It will pop up and say "Breeds imported Successfully"


Editing An Existing Breed

  • Find the breed you want
  • Click on the Pencil Icon under the Actions column
  • Make the changes
  • Click on Submit

Adding A Breed Manually

  • Click on Add Breed (Top right hand side)
  • A pop up box will appear

  • Enter in the name of the Breed (be careful with spelling)
  • Select the Type (Currently only Dog and Cat, others coming soon)
  • Submit once done