Company Details

Click on your profile button - Top right hand side, click on Administration. 

The top one Company Details is the one to start with.

This is the first section you should complete when setting up your database, there are 8 Tabs across the top and they are important to the running of your business within the software.

  • Details
  • Modules
  • Accounts and Tax
  • Branding
  • Integrations 
  • Pricing
  • Modifiers
  • Concession Cards

Company Details:

Fill in as many fields as you can, covers things like main contacts, opening hours, registration number date for example

Note: You must click save at the bottom of each page


Select the modules that you need to run. All are stand alone, however if you are offering Transport with your Daycare or your Walking then you will need to turn the Transport on as well. (Please note: Grooming is not currently available)

Note: The first module is included in the monthly price and each module thereafter costs. The price will be on the screen.

Accounts and Tax

This needs to be set up according to the country that you are in and the tax requirements that Country has.

Select your currency


  1. The tax rate as applicable i.e For NZ and Australia it would be the GST tax rate.
  2. Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of tax, i.e if inclusive then it will ignore the tax rate
  3. If exclusive, do you want the Tax content of each cost to be displayed on each line of the invoice or totaled at the bottom
  4. If you are starting from scratch, leave as 1, but if coming from another software then put in the number that is next in line to your last Invoice number created
  5. If you are starting from scratch, leave as 1, but if coming from another software then put the number that is next in line to your last receipt number
  6. If you are starting from scratch, leave as 1, but if coming from another software then put in the number that is next in line to your last Booking number created
  7. Set the default days that you would like the invoice paid in and this will show as the due date on the Invoice
  8. Click this on if you require the Deposit (For boarding) to be paid immediately
    Note: If you turn this on, the Deposit Due line will disappear
  9. Deposit Due in (This will only show if you have not turned on Deposit due immediately) Set the number of days and choose from either After booking Date or before check in
  10. This is how your company works out their deposit, by a percent of the total booking or a set amount
  11. Anything you type here, will show on the bottom of all the invoices that are created and sent to customers


Add your company logo - Will show in the software and on your owner portal

Write your own welcome text to show on the Owner  Portal

Unique Portal Link: This is the URL that you can put on your website so that clients can go directly to the Owner portal

Terms and Conditions: This will be available for your clients to accept when they first sign up to the Owner Portal, you can also send to them to accept.  Currently it is one T & C's to cover all but more options will be coming. 

Remember to save the page



Under here will be all the different software and apps that you can integrate with Jungle Chief, 

Xero - Click here for more instructions

Stripe - Click here for more instructions


This is where you will set the pricing for your services. The modules you have selected will show on this screen. For the sake of this help file we will work with Daycare as an example. You can set different prices for different areas.

If you run walking, under the walking tab you can select different prices for different walk types

Please Note: You will need to go and set up spaces first. You do that under your profile, administration and then Spaces.

  1. Select the space (these are the ones you set up under spaces)
  2. Select the pricing: Per day, per 24 hrs, per hour or per night or per walk (Depending on module) Enter the dollar amount
  3. Enter when will this pricing take effect.
  4. Do you allow a half day, not available in all modules as normally only relevant to Daycare
    Note: if you are adding a new pricing as an increase, then you click on add pricing, fill out the new line and put the date you would like the new pricing to take affect from. 
  5. Remember to click on save after each line.

Your choices of per frequency will alter with each different module


These are extras that you can add to your pricing. They can be Discounts or Fees to be charged as extra's.


To add a Modifier


  1. The name of the Modifier i.e 2 dog discount
  2. A choice of Fee or Discount
  3. A choice of Flat Fee or Percentage
  4. The price if flat fee or number for percentage

It will tell you how it will affect a booking

Then submit, you can then pick it up at the time of Invoicing.

Concession Cards

You can set up concession cards for your clients to purchase. 

Please note: The Concession cards are per module so not able to be cross credited, due to different price structures.

To set up your concession cards, click on "Add Concession Card"

  1. Give the card a title i.e 10 Trip
  2. Select the module (for the example we have used Daycare)
  3. Enter the price which is the total of the card
  4. Select "show on portal" if you would like your owners to be able to purchase online.
  5. Select "Half Day" if you offer half days (It will then take .5 of the concession card when they select a half day)
  6. Occurrences: i.e How many visits does this card cover i.e we called it a 10 trip so it covers 10 full days but will allow half days as we selected that.
  7. Validity period: You enter in the amount of weeks you want this card to be used by: If you don't want it to expire then just type in a big number.

Remember to submit

Now go back to Administration services and pick the next selection