Release Notes - 18th December 2023

Block-Out DatesType

This allows you to add closed dates to the system by module and means you can now close your daycare on specific dates. Block-Out dates are located in the administration menu.


Extra Services

This enables you to create and add extra items to a booking as-well- as charge them to the customer. Create your extra and add it during booking or enable the portal option.

Cancellation Fee

You now have the option to set cancellation fees. Set the cancellation fee in the pricing area and whenever you cancel a booking, the option to apply fee will be shown on the confirmation screen. Note the cancellation will void the original invoice and create a new invoice for the fee.


Pricing Changes

The pricing structure has been updated to allow set prices by space or service. You can now create multiple prices per module and assign them to services.

User Roles and Restrictions

You can now create and assign different roles to staff, restricting access where necessary. Roles can be created in the administration section called User Roles. Clicking the padlock symbol allows you to add or remove permissions. Once a role is created it can be assigned using the edit user option for the individual user.