Release Notes - 2nd November 2023


  • When creating a new walk, we've clarified the date descriptions. They've been renamed to series start and series end and signify for what particular date range this walk is valid.
  • When booking a new walk for a pet, we've made the checkbox more obvious (for booking a while series of walks as opposed to a single walk).

Medication Notes

There is now a specific area for medical notes and medications on the Pet Details screen. This information will also be displayed on the Kennel Sheet.

Added Deposit Due Immediately toggle

We've added a toggle button in the Accounts and Tax area (under Administration) when a deposit is required when booking.

Add New Vaccine

We’ve added the ability to Create a New Vaccine while adding pet details. This allows you to add a new vaccine without interrupting the pet onboarding process. We’ve also clarified the wording around creating a new vaccine verses adding a vaccine to a pet.

Date and Time Format

We’ve added the ability to choose your preferred date format. You can choose from DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY and different separators (/ or -). This can be changed in the Company Details tab under Administration.

Knowledgebase and Chat Support Added

You now have access to our help centre and Knowledgebase directly from within JungleChief. The help icon is located in the lower right hand corner and has options to search  help files and/or start a chat with support. This is availble on every screen.

Fixed Tools Tips and various bug fixes