Release Notes - 1st October 2023

We are very excited to release the following enhancements and features, thank you all for you feedback.

New Reporting Section - Under this section we have released a Booking Report

Choose the Module e.g Boarding and then the status i.e confirmed
Watch this space for the ability to run the report by a date range.

Communications Tab - This is under Administration - Company details then communication Tab

  • Add a company logo, to show everywhere and on the Owner Portal
  • Add a welcome message to show on the Owner Portal
  • Add your T&Cs. Click here for more information.

Pet List: Can now upload a photo of the Pet!  Jut click on the picture Icon, then select the photo you want to upload, it will re size itself. When it has loaded you can click on it to see a bigger picture.  And on the pet list, if you hover next to their name you can see the photo. This will help you select the correct pet.

Vaccines (Found under the Pet): Duration choice added which will autofill the expiry date. 
Can now add the vaccine certificate. Click here to see helpfile
On the Pet List, you can see the vaccine status - Green for Good, Yellow within 30 days and Red expired.

Booking Create: Added the ability to go directly to invoice from this screen so you can make changes if you want to. Once you save the booking, you will get a pop up and 

then you can click on edit invoice



(Please note that the invoice has sent to the owner on submitting so if you edit you will need to send again - This will be changed in the future)


Walking: We have added Edit buttons to all the main areas and you can now cancel a booking.

Bookings Checking in or Checked in: You can now edit the booking without it checking you out

And lots of other behind the scenes updates and enhancements for the running of the software.