Release Notes - 1st Feb 2024

We’ve been hard at work tidying up bugs and adding functionality. Date formats have been adjusted to follow the user settings, as has the pet date of birth. We have also reinforced the occupancy check to prevent overbooking. 

Thanks to your feedback the flow from owner menu to bookings has been streamlined.

Extra Services

Our extra services system continues to grow. The latest enhancements include alerting to show when a booking has extras applied (when checking-in). The prompt to add extra services to a booking will be hidden from the booking page if no services exist. 

Calendar Upgrade

You can now change a booking space by drag and drop from the calendar.


A lot of work is going into our transport module and it’s taking shape rapidly. Users can now create trips (both taxi and bus) and assign handlers and vehicles. Coming soon is the mapping integration and route optimisation. 

Multiple Companies

We've added more features to our change company option which allows you to easily swap between your companies and set a default company. 


We’ve upgraded our invoicing and confirmation system. Owners will not get multiple confirmations when making repeating bookings. The payments section has had an update with added references and fixes to the multi payments option.