Release Notes - 23rd November 2023

Make Owner Inactive (Archive) Toggle

We’ve moved the owner inactive switch to the bottom of the owner details page and renamed it archive owner to better reflect its purpose. There is also a check now to ensure the owner has no active pets, or bookings, and has a zero balance on their account before being archived.


Edit Bookings from the Owner screen

You can now edit a booking from the owner booking page by clicking the booking number.


Kennel Sheet Improvements

Added the ability to print/reprint the kennel sheet for a pet that has checked in. You can now also click on the kennel sheet icon in both the check in window and the inhouse window. Layout and spelling corrected.


Improved Space Status process

Added features to allow daycare and boarding spaces to be used for booking. Spaces can be edited via the spaces page in administration.

Active - open for booking both by user and owner portal
Internal only - not bookable in the owner portal
Closed - not available for booking


Ability to add a new Vet from the Owner Page

There is now an Add New Vet option in the vet selection field on the owner page.


Pet Temperament Removed

The Pet Temperament field has been removed from the Pet Details page. This has been replaced by the Behaviour score system.


Email Templates

Users can now tailor their email content. Under Administration a new Communications page has been added to allow email customization. This page allows for email settings and template editing. Default templates are available to help you get started.